Mieke Oldenburg works in clay and bronze. Serene introverte busts of women, bathing figures, women as sentinels, standing figures and reliëfs. The skin dry and yet touchable. Her colours are sometimes greyish and sometimes intense.

Women, horses, landscapes and dows are the principal subjects of the sculptures. Physically close but emotionally distant. The calm pastel and grey tones of the works in clay reenforce the subtle beauty and contribute to a sometimes mystic radiation. The viewer is struck by the psychological intensity of her portraits. She has the talent to give her figures a structural grace and simplicity combined with a budding sensuality. Her horses, symbols of the power of life, are massive and enigmatic. Forms are sober, but at the same time powerful and poetic.

Mieke Oldenburg could be classified as contemporary Classicism. However she adapts the classic influences in her own way, and demonstrates self-consciousness and individuality.

Mieke Oldenburg has developed into an internationally known sculptor. Her bronze and ceramic sculptures have a Classicist appearance.  Oldenburg’s women are not deadly neoclassical but filled with intense life, that tranquil, serene and light melancholic gets form. The woman’s portraits in clay make me think of images from the early Renaissance. It’s contained beauty ideal, however, is more inward than outward. And by the subtle yet vibrant surfaces that she gives her images, they also keep anything earthly. It is like Oldenburg wants to share the best and the most beautiful of mankind with her ​​audience: the condition of the body, mind and soul into a timeless whole are fused.
If I would bring into relation the life here and now than Oldenburg is the one that offers inspiration The example which you could aspire.

Nico Out
Zeeland Newspaper
June 2014